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October 2005 Threnody released the fourth album “Control”. It took them long enough! Almost 8 years after the release of their third album “Threnody” finally an album was released. It wasn’t that the guys didn’t do anything in that long period. It was a long test of endurance to finally write the album which would reveal the struggle and battle between a more mainstream direction and the old progressive metal ways. The result was that they got a very mixed response to the album not in the least caused by a lack of live support. The album was written and conceived mainly by Menno, Ernst, Henry and Rene. Hans Hanson added his special flavours on a number of songs as well. Judge yourself on Spotify or  iTunes

One thought on “Taken Control

  1. Still love it to this very day. Control had some really unique mood that just clicked deeply with me. Still come back to it from time to time and every time end up hopelessly checking if there’s anything new since then. Just like right now actually.)

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